November 1st, 2014

Oktober 26th, 2014

down to earth.
ttrs kitted 3.2 looking better than ever

Oktober 24th, 2014

carbon fiber

Oktober 19th, 2014

the right wheels
the perfect stance
the nastiest sound

before you start wondering if it’s static or on air
it’s static – on h&r

Oktober 18th, 2014

ivory perfection

Oktober 13th, 2014

gotta love when people take their cars to the next level. especially when it comes to RS badged Audis.
this static TTRS is probably one of the sickest right now. tuned by PS-PERFORMANCE this nasty beast should make around 620 horses right now but
sounds like 1000 thanks to the perfect sounding CPK exhaust. did I mention the 420mm ceramic disks in the front and the perfect fitting cage?

Oktober 7th, 2014

fast B5 sedans?
forever a fan – enjoy

Loba parts doing their job more than well as I got to feel in a shotgun ride.

Oktober 3rd, 2014

a living room with a turbocharged V8 in combination with a full Milltek exhaust and comfy 550hp.
I’ll take one

it sounds like it looks.

September 29th, 2014

definiton of fun.
haven’t sat in a dream car of mine in quite some while.
I gladly had the chance to do so recently and yes – it revs.
because RACECAR

September 28th, 2014